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Services for technical and business writing

We deliver business writing that is clear, well organized and easy to read, tailored to your target audience.

The quality of your business writing, the organization and text, may be the greatest influence on your business success. It needs professional use of the English language and a flow that draws in your reader. After all, in our competitive world, people look at your written material and ask:

  • Can you deliver what you say?
  • How clear is your proposal's core statement and each of the other statements it makes?
  • How good are the products?
  • What kind of employees and culture does the business have?

Zirius turns business writing struggles into successful articles, proposals, web content, blog content, manuals, product literature, white papers.

We welcome those whose first language is not English, and have translators available for some languages. 

We turn writing struggles into successful articles,  professional proposals with impact, 

Technical and business writing both.

We excel in offering:

  • Business writing services dealing with business operations, critical emails, and other messaging.
  • Technical writing services in areas of technology, engineering, research, manufacturing, software/IT, health and medicine.
  • Educational / promotional writing: web site content, blog content, articles, whitepapers.

Projects of all sizes are possible.

Quick response to your need

Clear and engaging content

On-time and ready to publish according to your specs, with professional language, formatting and layout.

Unlimited revisions

Fixed price per project or hourly rate. 
Your choice.

Billing rates between $30 and $100/hour