Technical Writing Services

Zirius' technical writing services turn technical writing  struggles into successful articles, proposals, web content, templates,manuals, product literature, white papers. Often we do this on a fixed price.

Our custom writing service excels in matters involving  engineering, software/IT, research, technical business operations,  manufacturing, or other technology.

Below we describe our process.

The challenge

We understand. Business people often struggle with writing. This is not news.

  • Techies can get caught up in technical language, not even aware of it, and leave the reader unclear and struggling.

  •  Even proposals from large companies are rejected due to poor technical content.

  • Technical writing can be difficult. The task of organizing and framing and finding the words can overload a work schedule.

Our technical writing services take complex language and structure it to help the reader, producing clear, user-friendly wording that flows to your audience, bringing the reader toward your goal.

The writing service is available for as much or little as you'd like. Handling the whole project, or a part, or just helping you to get set up to do it internally. The cost can be surprisingly low.

The process

Step one: a conversation.
Working with you, we define the work you need done and gain an understanding of where you already are, the technical concepts, your target message, and who is the audience, We may have a discussion with you of the best way forward, if that is uncertain to you.

Option to cancel:
If you're not impressed at this point, you can cancel at no charge. Zip. Nada.

Step two: discussion with a subject matter expert (as needed),
We insure we understand the technical side of your message, issues affecting it, and the necessary language of the project, your target message, who is the audience.

Our writers already have experience writing in the domains of a variety of technologies and methods, and we generally move through this quickly.

We organize the presentation of the data, and we do it with the fresh perspective of an outsider.

Step three: writing the draft document.
After writing the technical document, we offer it to you for approval or revisions.

Step four: revisions (if needed)
You are allowed unlimited revisions. No limits. We continue until it rings true to you. We want the product to be right.

You end up with a formatted, professional document ready to be published or distributed.

The choice

Impact comes from the writing.

When  organizing, framing,  finding words adds too much work,
When writing needs to get to the point in easy, clear language,
When you need to spark the reader...

Reach out. We're here.
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