Custom Writing Services for Business

We deliver business writing that is well organized, easy to read, and professional in content and presentation.

We customize the writing for the English language audience you desire to reach. 

In our competitive world, people look at your written material and ask:

  • Can you deliver what you say?
  • How clear is your proposal?
  • How good are the products?
  • Does what you're talking about make sense?
  • What kind of employees and culture does the business have?

Our writing services are quick and reasonably priced, usually costing less than expected, and we welcome foreign clients who are not native English speakers and writers.

We turn writing struggles into successful articles,  professional proposals with impact, web content with SEO, manuals, product literature, white papers, blogs.

And we produce professional documents from existing documents written poorly by those  not born in the English language, because we understand that your product may be great even if your English is not..

Types of documents we work on:

Our customized writing service can provide:

  • Clear and engaging proposals
  • Blog content,
  • Website content with SEO.
  • White papers, 
  • Guides, 
  • User manuals,
  • Research reports,
  • Training materials.
  • Business emails and formal correspondence correctly framed and written, with correct etiquette.
  • Organization and framing of documents
  • Proofreading
  • Almost any business writing element or project.

What stands in your way?

Document organization difficulty?
We organize the material so it is reader friendly instead of confusing.

The subject is complex?
Some technical people fall into technical language that the reader will struggle to follow.  We love to put such matters in language that is easy for an audience to grasp and engage.

Zirius would need to learn too much.
We don't have to know it all. We interview you to obtain what we need and we come back with questions on occasion.

You're the only one who knows all of it.
That's a dangerous place to be. Find a backup, just in case. Maybe that's us.

Custom writing services means:

We can work on any feasible portion of a project:

•    Organize the material or just get you started.
•    Write original material.
•    Rewrite existing material (including to improve web pages),
•    Show you where you get the best writing punch for your dollar.

Our evaluation and initial suggestions are free to you.

Listen to the man

Andrew Carnegie, one of the most successful and most effective entrepreneurs  in the history of the United States,  said

       "I wish to have as my epitaph: 'Here lies a man who was wise enough to bring into his service men who knew more than he.'"

Sometimes the smartest move in business is to reach out for help.
Writing help is here, now.

Give us a call.