Executive Search for Technology People

Executive search at Zirius,
for people in the world of technology,
means the following things.

  • We help you clarify the person you seek, if necessary.
  • We help you merge this understanding with the realities of what is available, and at what cost,
  • We research people in the field.
  • We talk to people we already know.
  • We report back to you with candidates,
    including a confidential profile on each of them.

We search throughout the Western Hemisphere, Europe, and parts of Asia.

Executive search in any field of technology is different than in any non-technical area.  Technical people tend to be concerned with some different things. They can be geeky, or brilliant and not very social, or totally focused on the technology.

Leaders and managers of technical people usually need to understand the technology process of the group. They often are technical people themselves. And they have skills that bring them into leadership.

Sorting all this out takes time.  It helps that we live in the world of evaluating technologies and technical people. Recruiting them effectively means speaking to them with one foot inside their world and one foot in yours. We do it every day.

In conversations with us, we uncover the perspective that helps you bridge both worlds with outstanding candidates.

Our work is done on retainer under a variety of arrangements.

Give us a call.